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Styles Group, Acoustics and Vibration Specialists

Waterview Connection

Role: Expert acoustic and vibration consultant
Client: Fletcher Construction (NZTA-led Alliance)
Duration: 2012 – Present


The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has begun its largest, most challenging and most expensive project to date. Prioritised as a ‘road of national significance’, the $1.4b Waterview Connection will create 4.8km of six-lane motorway through Auckland’s inner-west suburbs. It includes 2.5km of tunnels - the largest in Australasia - beneath dense residential development. The project will complete the city’s vital Western Ring Route by linking State Highway 20 from South Auckland and the airport, with State Highway 16 (the north-western motorway) at Waterview.

The challenge

The NZTA-led ‘Well-Connected Alliance’ asked us to carry out all vibration monitoring on the project. We were also asked to help the alliance’s own team with acoustic issues. This includes escalations, design changes and general technical assistance.

Assessing the potential adverse effects from construction vibration

Assessing the potential adverse effects from construction vibration

Measuring construction noise

Measuring construction noise

Our solution

We have streamlined the measurement and compliance process for the alliance. Our accurate measurements and reporting have helped to:

  • Resolve concerns and settle complaints
  • Improve mitigation measures across the project

We have extensive experience in the administration of district plan rules and designation conditions, as well as the prediction and measurement of noise and vibration on projects of this size. This allows us to provide extremely valuable insights to significantly enhance future projects.