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Styles Group, Acoustics and Vibration Specialists

City Rail Link

Role: Expert acoustic and vibration consultant
Client: Auckland Council
Duration: 2011 – Present


Auckland Transport wants to build an underground railway between the Britomart Transport Centre and Mount Eden station. To do this they need to designate the route for the new rail link. The process of designating includes lodging a Notice of Requirement to the council. The Notice of Requirement includes a comprehensive noise and vibration assessment that must be reviewed.

The challenge

This is a complex $2.68b project and it’s important to get things right from the beginning, in order to avoid unnecessary re-work and delays. Auckland Council asked us to provide expertise on the noise and vibration aspects of the project. This included helping the council with the pre-lodgement checks, their processing of the extensive Notice of Requirement documentation from Auckland Transport and advising the council and the commissioners throughout the hearing process.

Our solution

Due to the extremely complex technical nature of the project, our Director and Principal Consultant Jon Styles has been working closely with experts for the Requiring Authority (Auckland Transport) and all of the relevant stakeholders. The goal is to ensure the assessments, recommendations and designated conditions are as robust as possible.

Throughout the Notice of Requirement processing, Jon’s experience in large infrastructure projects will help the council to:

  • Develop clear, effective and enforceable designation conditions
  • Ensure the assessment of noise and vibration effects is robust and accurate