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Styles Group, Acoustics and Vibration Specialists

Policy and review

  • Active participation
  • Expert peer reviews
  • Local and central government clients

We believe the process of peer review is essential for ensuring credible and reliable assessments in complex professions, such as acoustics and vibration.

Independent review of our work

We welcome and actively participate in peer reviews of our work. It’s one of the ways we ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients - now and in the future.

Providing expert review

With our expertise and experience in acoustics and vibration, we are frequently invited to review the work of others. We understand the importance of peer reviews and give them our full attention.

Local and central government clients

We carry out peer reviews for local and central government agencies across a wide range of fields, including:

  • Land transport, such as the Manukau Harbour Crossing
  • Infrastructure projects, such as Tauranga’s Southern Pipeline
  • Stadia and entertainment venues, such as Eden Park
Resource Management Act

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