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Styles Group, Acoustics and Vibration Specialists

Building vibration

  • Accurate measurement
  • Short-term to permanent monitoring
  • Management plan design and execution

Simultaneous 3D measurement

Our specialist expertise and advanced seismic instrumentation will give you a complete and accurate understanding of vibrations in your building. We use tri-axial sensors to simultaneously measure movement in all three directions (X, Y and Z). We them bring them together using portable telemetric analysers to create real-time 3D measurement.

Whether you’re meeting compliance requirements or simply taking prudent precautions, you can rely on our expertise and experience. We measure building vibrations arising from almost any source, such as:

  • Construction works, including piling or blasting
  • Road or rail traffic
  • Industrial activity

Short-term, long-term and permanent solutions

The optimal period for monitoring vibrations is different for each project. We can set up our equipment and monitor the data for whatever time you require. We also design and operate permanent installations for a number of clients.

Reliable vibration management plans

Our building vibration specialists can provide you with a robust plan for managing vibrations that might affect buildings. We can also help with the ongoing administration and implementation of the plan, so you retain independent expert input.

We have experience in preparing and administering vibration plans for a wide range of activity, including:

  • Construction and demolition works
  • Operational infrastructure
  • Industrial operations
Measuring vibration from a construction site

Measuring vibration from a construction site

Assessing the vibration effects from nearby rock breaking on a residential dwelling

Assessing the vibration effects from nearby rock breaking on a residential dwelling

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