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Styles Group, Acoustics and Vibration Specialists


Styles Group specialises in:

  • Assisting Local & Central Government in processing duties and policy preparation work;
  • Environmental noise modelling and predictions;
  • Underwater noise impact assessments, including modelling and predictions;
  • Short and long term noise and vibration monitoring;
  • Preparation of acoustic assessments for Resource Consent applications;
  • Environmental policy development;
  • Preparation and presentation of expert evidence and legal testimony at hearings and in the Environment Court;
  • Industrial noise control and enclosure design.

Environmental Noise

The measurement and assessment of environmental noise includes many discrete areas of study, from the acoustic expertise of noise measurement, prediction and assessment to the planning and legislative understanding and application.

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Underwater Noise

Characterising underwater noises and understanding the impacts from anthropogenic noise is important for marine policy, petroleum exploration and renewable energy generation, as well as marine conservation.

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Building Acoustics

Using highly accurate and versatile measurement equipment, Styles Group are resourced to carry out room acoustics studies and analysis from office space to theatres. Rooms for the appreciation of music are a specialty.

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Building Vibration

Using specialised seismic instrumentation, Styles Group can undertake measurements of vibration in buildings arising from construction works such as piling or blasting, to road or rail traffic influences or industry for precautionary or compliance purposes.

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Policy & Review

The process of peer review is essential for ensuring credible and reliable assessments in complex professions such as acoustics and vibration. Styles Group actively participate in peer review processes to facilitate good outcomes.

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