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Styles Group, Acoustics and Vibration Specialists

Watercare Central Interceptor

Role: Expert acoustic and vibration consultant
Client: Auckland Council
Duration: 2012 – Present


The expected growth and development across Auckland means the city will need a bigger sewer network. In addition, parts of the waste water system are reaching the end of their operational life. Watercare wants to build a new tunnel between Western Springs and the Mangere Waste Water Treatment Plant. Known as the Central Interceptor (CI), the 13km tunnel will be between 22m and 110m underground and cross the Manukau Harbour 30m below the seabed. Watercare estimates the project will cost around $950m. Construction is scheduled to start in 2017 and be completed 10 years later.

The challenge

Before beginning the project, Watercare had to lodge several Notices of Requirement and apply to the council for numerous resource consents. These Notice’s and consent applications included detailed assessments of noise and vibration.

The Central Interceptor project is technically complex. It involves large scale ongoing construction work in dense residential areas, as well as intricate underground tunneling vibration assessments.

Auckland Council asked us to provide expert review of the assessments from Watercare and the relevant noise and vibration conditions in proposed designations and consents.

Assessing the noise levels from common construction appliances

Assessing the noise levels from common construction appliances

Measuring emitted noise levels

Measuring emitted noise levels

Our solution

We have extensive experience with similar projects and the assessment of noise and vibration effects. To help ensure the applications could be processes in a consistent and efficient way, we provided expert input before and after the final documents were lodged, and expert advice to the hearings panel.

Our involvement ensured the notification and decision-making process was accurate and robust with respect to noise and vibration issues.